Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom can only be experienced.

Unlike knowledge which can be taught. We can learn as much knowledge as we want, but if we never went outside of the books we will not find the feelings of all senses. We will not know what is sweet, what is bitter, and so is in our heart. We might be able to learn how to make a guy or girl fall in love with us from all kinds of books or TVs. but we will never actually understand the heart break, the exciting and the happiness. To understand all these feelings we have to experiencing them, and then we learn, and there we grow.

Feeling and emotion is describable and imaginable in our head, but no, not with our heart.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I hope i can see the future, at least, in a time that car can move without the wheels.

When I say one of my dreams is to live for a long time, above 100 years. then, when we starting the discussion some will respond to me with " no i don't want to..".

So I asked them, why? the answer they gave to me was " i don't want to get so old, with tree skin like face, toothless, slow....

Come on people, if we are able live for that long as in average population, there will also have a way to make us stay young or healthy, and that's the whole point, stay young and healthy even in the older age. Otherwise, tell me what’s the point of to live long? Now, Scientists are improving step by step in how to heal disease and wound, such as cure cancer, regrow body part. all of these well be combined together and then our life just increase and probably without noticing. but looking back at the history we can see the difference, our ancestors died in 40s, 50s, 60s, even when they were in peace time, they called 60 is the longevity. compare to us, we can go to 60+ easily and if you are not 80s, 90s or 100s you are not longevity. people we don't build a 100-floors building without the 99 floors first.  

People also might worry like if everyone is living for that long our planet won’t be able to handle it. i think this is lack of thinking. China and India have the most population but they don't have the largest land. and look they can still handle that many of people, and looking at their history, we can guarantee that even if they didn't do trades with other counties they can still stay healthy and wealthy. Now with the technology we have today, producing more foods is really not a big deal for a government, for example, plant foods on building’s roof top. then as long as basic need(food) is secured, rest of the stuff is really not a big deal. 

Then the most important thing to me is if we can have like 100 years old, after working 40 years finally have another 40 years to enjoy the life. Now, it is like come out from school at 20+ year old, retried at 65, die in 70s or 80s. How sad is it? 40 years of working not even half of the time to enjoy. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

vegetarians don't go wrong direction

I hate those vegetarians who are trying to spread their ideas on eating vegetable is a way to avoid killing lives, such as animal. Some combined the idea of Buddhism; eating animal will go to hell. Some also say eating meat first need to kill the animals make them suffer from painAnd the most hilarious thinking is cutting down leaves of vegetables they will grow back.
So sometime when I see people trying to spread this, what I called twisted thinking, I will reply them with plants are part of the natural, they are life form. Eating a dish of meat might just kill one chicken. But drinking a cup of vegetable juice that’s also killing the veggies and plus most people combine many different types of vegetable. Killing one chicken comparing to killing multiples vegetables and they dare to say to avoid killing lives?  Stop being fake!
Then eating meat will go to hell.  Come on, that is threatening people, can you come out something make sense? How long our human histories are written on books? If anyone eat meat will go hell, let it be, we human race will still keep moving on, and eventually we will move to another world, another earth, and there probably have god too.
Pain and suffering.  Just because we cannot feel what the plants feel, it doesn't mean they have no feeling. Can we say there is no god because we don’t see them?  We know that cutting out the throat or stab on heart will kill an animal in minutes. And we also know that cutting potato in many pieces and bury them on sand they still can grow out. Therefore, can I assume that after we cut the chicken head off it’s the end of the suffering for it? And cutting potato in pieces while it is still alive, with wound that all over the body (if it is still as a whole), I think there is much more suffering than killing a chicken, after all chicken died in minutes, but potato is still alive and got cut into piece. So do a human thinking, our legs and arms got chopped down but we still alive, still bleeding, still feel the wind, still feel the pain. We no longer can move or eatjust like potato no long feels the soil and breaths under sun.

The last, vegetable can grow back, they aren't die. I mentioned it is hilarious. Why? Because I can cut some meat out of your butt and you still can be alive, probably can grow back too.  
In my belief, no wasting food, not killing for fun, this is enough. we are just human, still part of the mother nature and don't denies that.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AMD will go to $6 after this season's earring report

AMD will go to $5 in this quarter (the 3rd quarter) and $6+ after the earring report( if it is profiting like AMD said). 

Today is July 24, 2013. 

 I THINK it will go to $4.5 very soon, probably next month; the reason is there is no any obvious, so called BAD news at the mean time. And the reason I think it will go to 6 is because this stock is really heavily based on the earring report, at least from my 3 years of following it shows like that. In last last ER report it has lost of -473M and the price was dropped like hell, then in the one after it only -146 but the price was rocket up almost double. Now this time the lost was only -74M which is like reduced to half, plus AMD also said it will make into profit third quarter. So there is no reason not do a double again. 

Also, look in the broader side; I don't think company like AMD will fall easily. After all there is only two companies making computer chip, and computer obviously is so important today. Without our iPhone or galaxy s4 we probably would get bored to hell. But without our computers (home/work/server) we will go to hell for real. Demand is dropped but need is increased. If AMD went bankrupt the affecting will be worldwide. therefore, having a company like AMD is almost like a must. 

So good luck to myself and whoever buys AMD now in this price, 7/24/2013 10:01AM @3.68  my trip in next year is base on it