Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I hope i can see the future, at least, in a time that car can move without the wheels.

When I say one of my dreams is to live for a long time, above 100 years. then, when we starting the discussion some will respond to me with " no i don't want to..".

So I asked them, why? the answer they gave to me was " i don't want to get so old, with tree skin like face, toothless, slow....

Come on people, if we are able live for that long as in average population, there will also have a way to make us stay young or healthy, and that's the whole point, stay young and healthy even in the older age. Otherwise, tell me what’s the point of to live long? Now, Scientists are improving step by step in how to heal disease and wound, such as cure cancer, regrow body part. all of these well be combined together and then our life just increase and probably without noticing. but looking back at the history we can see the difference, our ancestors died in 40s, 50s, 60s, even when they were in peace time, they called 60 is the longevity. compare to us, we can go to 60+ easily and if you are not 80s, 90s or 100s you are not longevity. people we don't build a 100-floors building without the 99 floors first.  

People also might worry like if everyone is living for that long our planet won’t be able to handle it. i think this is lack of thinking. China and India have the most population but they don't have the largest land. and look they can still handle that many of people, and looking at their history, we can guarantee that even if they didn't do trades with other counties they can still stay healthy and wealthy. Now with the technology we have today, producing more foods is really not a big deal for a government, for example, plant foods on building’s roof top. then as long as basic need(food) is secured, rest of the stuff is really not a big deal. 

Then the most important thing to me is if we can have like 100 years old, after working 40 years finally have another 40 years to enjoy the life. Now, it is like come out from school at 20+ year old, retried at 65, die in 70s or 80s. How sad is it? 40 years of working not even half of the time to enjoy. 


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