Thursday, July 25, 2013

vegetarians don't go wrong direction

I hate those vegetarians who are trying to spread their ideas on eating vegetable is a way to avoid killing lives, such as animal. Some combined the idea of Buddhism; eating animal will go to hell. Some also say eating meat first need to kill the animals make them suffer from painAnd the most hilarious thinking is cutting down leaves of vegetables they will grow back.
So sometime when I see people trying to spread this, what I called twisted thinking, I will reply them with plants are part of the natural, they are life form. Eating a dish of meat might just kill one chicken. But drinking a cup of vegetable juice that’s also killing the veggies and plus most people combine many different types of vegetable. Killing one chicken comparing to killing multiples vegetables and they dare to say to avoid killing lives?  Stop being fake!
Then eating meat will go to hell.  Come on, that is threatening people, can you come out something make sense? How long our human histories are written on books? If anyone eat meat will go hell, let it be, we human race will still keep moving on, and eventually we will move to another world, another earth, and there probably have god too.
Pain and suffering.  Just because we cannot feel what the plants feel, it doesn't mean they have no feeling. Can we say there is no god because we don’t see them?  We know that cutting out the throat or stab on heart will kill an animal in minutes. And we also know that cutting potato in many pieces and bury them on sand they still can grow out. Therefore, can I assume that after we cut the chicken head off it’s the end of the suffering for it? And cutting potato in pieces while it is still alive, with wound that all over the body (if it is still as a whole), I think there is much more suffering than killing a chicken, after all chicken died in minutes, but potato is still alive and got cut into piece. So do a human thinking, our legs and arms got chopped down but we still alive, still bleeding, still feel the wind, still feel the pain. We no longer can move or eatjust like potato no long feels the soil and breaths under sun.

The last, vegetable can grow back, they aren't die. I mentioned it is hilarious. Why? Because I can cut some meat out of your butt and you still can be alive, probably can grow back too.  
In my belief, no wasting food, not killing for fun, this is enough. we are just human, still part of the mother nature and don't denies that.  

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  1. talking about making no sense. you are no sense . grow up.