Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AMD will go to $6 after this season's earring report

AMD will go to $5 in this quarter (the 3rd quarter) and $6+ after the earring report( if it is profiting like AMD said). 

Today is July 24, 2013. 

 I THINK it will go to $4.5 very soon, probably next month; the reason is there is no any obvious, so called BAD news at the mean time. And the reason I think it will go to 6 is because this stock is really heavily based on the earring report, at least from my 3 years of following it shows like that. In last last ER report it has lost of -473M and the price was dropped like hell, then in the one after it only -146 but the price was rocket up almost double. Now this time the lost was only -74M which is like reduced to half, plus AMD also said it will make into profit third quarter. So there is no reason not do a double again. 

Also, look in the broader side; I don't think company like AMD will fall easily. After all there is only two companies making computer chip, and computer obviously is so important today. Without our iPhone or galaxy s4 we probably would get bored to hell. But without our computers (home/work/server) we will go to hell for real. Demand is dropped but need is increased. If AMD went bankrupt the affecting will be worldwide. therefore, having a company like AMD is almost like a must. 

So good luck to myself and whoever buys AMD now in this price, 7/24/2013 10:01AM @3.68  my trip in next year is base on it

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